Business Visa

All About Your Residence Permit, in Greece

Know your Benefits

Business Visa

Residency Permit

Apply for a 2 years residency permit

Visa-Free Travel

Enjoy Visa-Free travelling in the Schengen Zone.

Family Members

Your entire family is allowed to relocate with you.

Expand Business

Find new opportunities and expand your business worldwide.

About the Program

Residence by Company Registration

The Residency Program offers you various of opportunities. Expand your business in Europe, and Worldwide and obtain visa-free travel within the Schengen zone. Be a member of the Greek Healthcare System and apply for the European Health Card – a card that gives you access to the pan-European medical system.

The program offers a straightforward residency route, with no minimum stay requirement in Greece. Your entire family is allowed to relocate with you and obtain the Greek Residence Permit – *includes children and spouse.

Know your Benefits

What You Will Be Able To Do After Consultation

Apply for the Greek Residency

Register your company in Greece

Become a Greek Tax Resident

Apply for a Tax number

Become a social insurance number

Services & Fees

We actively guide you through the upcoming process of becoming a resident of Greece and ensure that you benefit from the residency program.


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