Residency and Taxes

Why Greece?

The Mediterranean lifestyle, over 280 days of sunshine a year, and delicious food attract more than 31M tourists annually. Greece promises friendly people, wonderful beaches and incredible islands. In addition, EU-member Greece is one of the safest countries on earth and has one of the best international crime rankings.

A sunny country, with a lot of history and nature, promises you a uniquely advantageous tax regime.

People speak English

English is the first foreign language Greeks learn from an early age.


Greece is a full member of the European Union (EU) and the EU-Schengen zone.

Perfect Location

The country's strategic location makes it an attractive place for business and leisure.

What we offer You

Full-Package Service 

Tax Freedom in Detail

Greece offers a special tax regime for freelancers. The requirement for taking advantage of this program is the transfer of tax residence to the EU member state Greece. 


The entrepreneur is exempted from paying income tax and the solidarity surcharge on 50% of his income.


As a fully fledged European company with a VAT number and permanent establishment, the business is recognised for tax purposes to conduct business worldwide.

Social Insurance

The entrepreneur becomes a member of the national security system and has the right to be treated free of charge throughout the EU.

Business Premises

As a rule, the permanent establishment of the business can be registered at the private residence of the applicant. (production facilities excepted).



Services and fees

Investment Move, actively guides you through the upcoming process of becoming a resident of Greece and ensure that you benefit from the massive tax advantages of the program in the future.

Discover the Greek Mediterranean Lifestyle.

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